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Arboreal Archive

Arboreal Archive Creature12

NG Huge Plant

Senses Perception +25; low-light vision, tremorsense (imprecise) 60 feet

Languages Arboreal, Common, Sylvan; speak with plants

Skills Athletics +23, Diplomacy +22, Forest Lore +28 (applies to the arboreal archive’s territory), Nature +25, Stealth +19 (+23 in forests)

Str +7, Dex -1, Con +5, Int +4, Wis +7, Cha +4

AC 33; Fort +23, Ref +17, Will +27

HP 230; Weaknesses axe vulnerability, fire 15;

Resistances bludgeoning 10, piercing 10

Axe Vulnerability An arboreal archive takes 10 additional damage from axes.

Abeyance Rift If an arboreal archive dies unexpectedly before passing on their knowledge in a succession ritual, the amassed lore within their roots and boughs explodes out in a shock wave that deals 8d10 mental damage to creatures within 30 feet (DC 32 basic Will save) before dissipating; those who fail also fall prone.

Speed 25 feet

Melee [one-action] branch +25 (reach 15 feet), Damage 3d10+10 bludgeoning plus Improved Knockdown

Primal Innate Spells DC 32, attack +24; 6th tangling creepers; 3rd earthbind (at will); 2nd entangle; Constant (4th) speak with plants

Memory Maelstrom [three-actions] (concentrate, incapacitation, mental, nonlethal, primal) The arboreal archive tries to overwhelm foes with a surge of information it has absorbed over its long life. This surge deals 5d6 mental damage to each enemy within 40 feet, who must attempt a DC 32 Will save.

  • Critical Success The creature maintains its composure, takes no damage, and is temporarily immune to Memory Maelstrom for 1 minute.
  • Success The creature is stunned 1 and takes half damage.
  • Failure The creature takes full damage and is stunned 3.
  • Critical Failure The creature takes double damage, is confused for 2d4 rounds, and is stunned 3.


Arboreals are tree-like ancient guardians of forests, nurturing new growth and maintaining a balanced ecosystem as if the vast wilderness were their garden.

Arboreals are thoughtful and deliberate-until something threatens their realms and invites their wrath.

Arboreal archives are solitary beings typically found in the remote wilderness. These ancient monoliths hold the memories of their vast territories, keeping mental records of the passing seasons of the world around them. Their knowledge of humanoid affairs varies, as they find quickly shifting political situations difficult to comprehend, but through fungal networks, reports from arboreal wardens, and other woodland chatter, arboreal archives learn of each storm, drought, or logging threat encountered throughout their long years. They primarily observe and record rather than interfere, but they willingly offer wisdom to those who respectfully seek them out. Arboreal regents call upon archives for advice in times of strife, conferring on the best course of action to protect their realms.

It is rare for there to be more than one arboreal archive in a given region. When an archive senses they’re nearing the end of their lengthy lifespan, a grove of regents gathers to nominate the wisest among them to become the next archive. After four seasons’ deliberation, all arboreals in the area congregate to witness the succession ritual, during which the elder arboreal archive transfers their collected wisdom to the elected replacement before retiring.

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