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Ant, Giant

Giant Ant Creature2

N Medium Animal

Senses Perception +7; darkvision, scent (imprecise) 30 feet

Skills Athletics +8, Survival +7

Str +4, Dex +1, Con +4, Int -5, Wis +1, Cha -4

AC 18; Fort +10, Ref +7, Will +5

HP 30

Speed 40 feet, climb 20 feet

Melee [one-action] mandibles +11, Damage 1d8+4 slashing plus Grab

Melee [one-action] stinger +11 (agile), Damage 1d6+4 piercing plus giant ant venom

Giant Ant Venom (poison) Saving Throw DC 18 Fortitude; Maximum Duration 4 rounds; Stage 1 1d8 poison and enfeebled 1 (1 round); Stage 2 1d10 poison and enfeebled 2 (1 round); Stage 3 1d12 poison and enfeebled 3 (1 round)

Haul Away [one-action] Requirements The giant ant has a Large or smaller creature grabbed; Effect The giant ant Strides up to its full Speed, carrying the grabbed creature with it. It is encumbered if the grabbed creature is Medium or larger.


Giant ants are much like their smaller kin in their industrious habits, though growing to the size of ponies makes them much deadlier.

Giant ants form vast underground colonies, excavating deep burrows or infesting existing caverns. Ants are omnivorous and cultivate fungus farms, but they are happy to eat whatever presents itself. Humanoids and their domesticated animals are easy fuel for the insectile machinery of their hives. Worker ants lack the sting of their warrior cousins, while elite drones fly on gossamer wings (fly Speed of 30 feet) to seek new food sources for their queen.

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