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Angel, Movanic Deva (Guardian Angel)

Movanic Deva Creature10

NG Medium Celestial Angel

Senses Perception +22; darkvision

Skills Athletics +20, Diplomacy +22, Intimidation +22, Nature +22, Religion +19, Stealth +17, Survival +17

Languages Celestial, Draconic, Infernal; tongues

Str +6, Dex +4, Con +4, Int +4, Wis +5, Cha +5

Items +1 striking bastard sword

AC 30; Fort +21, Ref +17, Will +19; +1 to all saves vs. magic

HP 195; Immunities negative; Weaknesses evil 10

Aura of Vitality (abjuration, aura, divine) 20 feet. Allies in the movanic deva’s aura gain a +1 status bonus to all saving throws, resistance 10 to positive and negative damage, and are unharmed by the effects of a plane’s positive and negative traits. Animals in the aura of 12th level or lower don’t attack the movanic deva or the deva’s allies unless they are controlled or otherwise forced to attack.

Speed 30 feet, fly 40 feet

Melee [one-action] flaming bastard sword +23 (good, magical, two-hand d12), Damage 2d8+9 slashing plus 1d6 fire and 1d6 good

Divine Innate Spells DC 29; 5th divine wrath, remove curse, remove disease, remove fear; 4th create food, heal (-3); 2nd invisibility (at will, self only); 1st detect alignment (at will, evil only); Constant (5th) tongues

Rituals DC 29; angelic messenger, awaken animal

Dispelling Field [two-actions] (divine, transmutation) Frequency once per day; Effect The movanic deva attempts to unravel unwelcome magic effects on allies within its aura of vitality to protect them from malevolent forces. The movanic deva attempts a counteract check against as many spell effects affecting allies in the area as it wishes with a +19 counteract modifier and a counteract level of 4, rolling once for the selected effects.

Flaming Armaments (divine, transmutation) When a movanic deva wields a weapon, that weapon gains the effect of a flaming rune.


Movanic devas are stewards of the flow of good creatures’ souls through the cycle of life and death, from the point a creature is born to the day it dies. These angels arise from the souls of stalwart nurturers and protectors, and share a specific connection with a creature’s vital essence-its life force. Movanic devas are most concerned with guiding and protecting good creatures during their mortal lives, so once a soul has passed into the River of Souls, the movanic deva leaves its protection to the soul angels, or monadic devas. As part of their stewardship over good creatures, movanic devas can waken within animals a level of sapience to allow them to become kindly and benevolent as well, thus increasing the flow of goodness into the afterlife. They also spend time patrolling the Positive Energy Plane and Negative Energy Plane, seeking to contain significant threats to life.

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