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Agathion, Silvanshee (Cat Agathion)

Silvanshee Creature1

NG Tiny Agathion Celestial

Senses Perception +8; darkvision

Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal; speak with animals

Skills Acrobatics +7, Arcana +3, Medicine +6, Nirvana Lore +3, Stealth +7

Str -2, Dex +4, Con +2, Int +0, Wis +3, Cha +2

Cat’s Curiosity A silvanshee’s core value is curiosity. This enables them to seek out new experiences and information beyond their current understanding. A silvanshee can use trained skill actions for all skills, even if they’re untrained.

AC 17; Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +6

HP 20; Weaknesses evil 3

Speed 25 feet, fly 40 feet

Melee [one-action] jaws +9 (finesse, good, magical), Damage 1d6-2 piercing plus 1d4 good

Melee [one-action] claw +9 (agile, finesse, good, magical), Damage 1d4-2 slashing plus 1d4 good

Divine Innate Spells DC 16; 4th gaseous form (×3), read omens; Cantrips (1st) dancing lights, know direction, prestidigitation, stabilize; Constant (2nd) speak with animals

Champion Focus Spell DC 16, 1 Focus Point; 1st lay on hands


These celestial outsiders hail from Nirvana, the plane of purest good. Agathions are born from the souls of mortals who attained the enlightenment they sought in life, sometimes even after death. Because they all start out as mortals who were rewarded for their determination, self-awareness, and purity of heart, agathions are more likely than other celestials to intervene in working nonviolently against the spread of evil on the material plane. Agathions have served as moderators between the chaotic azatas and lawful archons, so they know how vital communication with mortals can be to bridge differences and ensure that evil doesn’t win out.

All agathions possess animal-like aspects, some appear more anthropomorphic, while others spend most of their time in forms nearly indistinguishable from true animals. Still others prefer to shapeshift as they see fit, or present as humanoid when in the company of humanoid mortals.

Each type of agathion serves a specific role in Nirvana. Their duties and forms generally reflect the core values they cultivated in life that led them to their enlightenment. Since agathions receive their animal forms as rewards for their mortal lives, they take great insult with insinuations that they’re merely magical talking beasts or-even worse-that their forms are a curse or punishment.

Silvanshees will work with heroes who remain patient with their curiosity and skittishness. They’re inquisitive, alternating between affection and aloofness. They do what they can to aid and defend their companions, but their strong sense of self-preservation means they’ll likely flee if they sense they can’t win a fight.

Silvanshees are a stealthy and extremely inquisitive contingent of agathions who gather information about the mortal world for other agathions. While they love to explore the Material Plane and sate their curiosity, they’re generally reclusive and skittish. These dual instincts war with each other whenever something exciting piques their interest. Because of their small sizes, they don’t pose a combat threat to most creatures; instead, silvanshees act as Nirvana’s eyes and ears in the mortal world, reporting back to superiors or calling for help should they run into danger.

Silvanshees appear indistinguishable from domestic felines, save for their violet eyes and the telltale blaze of differently colored fur on their chests. Of course, flying gives them away outright, so if at all possible, they only do so while in trusted company to avoid detection.

Their fur color runs the spectrum of normal feline colorations. They can also transform into mist when necessary to maintain discretion or make a hasty getaway.

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