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Wayfinder, Hummingbird

Hummingbird Wayfinder Item12

Uncommon Evocation Invested Magical Transmutation

Price 1,750 gp

Usage worn; Bulk

Hummingbird wayfinders blend a few Arcadian secrets into the original wayfinder design, allowing the wayfinder to gain mobility for a time and act as a spy. In addition to the effects of a wayfinder, a hummingbird wayfinder has the following activation.

Activate [two-actions] command, Interact; Frequency once per hour; Effect You cause the wayfinder to transform into a Tiny bee hummingbird, only 2 inches long. Other than the wayfinder being a visible bird, this has the effects of prying eye. In addition to Seeking through the hummingbird, you can activate any aeon stone within the wayfinder as if the wayfinder were still on your person. When the effect ends, the wayfinder transforms back to normal in its current position. Damaging the bird ends the effect but does not destroy the wayfinder.

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