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Wayfinder, Fashionable

Fashionable Wayfinder Item3

Uncommon Conjuration Invested Magical

Price 50 gp

Usage worn; Bulk

Fashionable wayfinders allow you to be dressed for success in almost any situation. In addition to the effects of a wayfinder, a fashionable wayfinder can attune to up to three sets of mundane clothing in your possession during your daily preparations. A fashionable wayfinder has the following activation.

Activate [one-action] envision; Effect You call one of the attuned sets of clothing onto yourself, changing clothes instantly and leaving you either holding the old set of clothing or with the old set folded neatly on the floor if you don’t have a free hand to hold it. This activation can’t change you into or out of a suit of armor of any kind. While the activation can transport the chosen attuned set of clothing onto you from up to 60 feet away, it can’t transport any other creatures or items that might have been stored in the clothing.

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