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Sleeves of Storage

Sleeves of Storage Item4+

Conjuration Extradimensional Invested Magical

Usage worn garment; Bulk L

This loose robe has wide, voluminous sleeves that each contain an extradimensional space. These spaces each function as a bag of holding that can hold up to 5 Bulk of items (for a total of 10 Bulk), though no individual item can be of more than 1 Bulk; the sleeves grow slightly heavy as you reach maximum capacity. You can add or remove an item from a sleeve with a single hand free as an Interact action.

If a sleeve is completely empty, you can place your own familiar into that extradimensional space. It can survive comfortably in your sleeve for up to 1 hour, after which it begins to suffocate. While in your sleeve, it can’t be affected or targeted by any effects, but you don’t benefit from any master abilities. A familiar can exit the sleeve of its own volition with a single action that has the manipulate and move traits. You can’t place any other creature into your sleeves, nor can you place your familiar in a sleeve if it’s larger than Tiny. If your familiar is in your sleeve, you can’t place any items in the sleeve.

Type sleeves of storage; Level 4; Price 100 gp

Type greater sleeves of storage; Level 9; Price 600 gp

Each sleeve can hold up to 20 Bulk of items, and a familiar can survive within a sleeve for up to 4 hours.

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