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Singing Bowl of the Versatile Stance

Singing Bowl of the Versatile Stance Item11

Uncommon Enchantment Magical

Note This item is associated with a deity whose name is not Open Game Content. Consult the original source material if this is important to your campaign.

Price 1,175 gp

Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk L

Access follower of a god (which can’t be named here for legal reasons)

The simplicity of this small, inverted copper bell belies its flawlessness.

When struck with a mallet (included with the singing bowl), it emits a harmonious tone that inspires bodily perfection in those who know how to hear it.

Activate [one-action] Interact (auditory)

Effect While holding the singing bowl of the versatile stance with one hand, you strike the lip of it with a mallet held in the other.

Anyone within 60 feet currently in a stance can spend a reaction to use one of their stance actions in order to change to a different stance.

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