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Sealing Chest

Sealing Chest Item4+

Uncommon Abjuration Magical

Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk L

The containers are soundproof, airtight, and studded with lead sheets, mistletoe, and other materials that block magical auras. Up to 1 Bulk of objects can be placed inside a sealing chest; the magic auras and curses of any objects placed within the chest cannot extend beyond the box unless they are of a greater level than the chest. Artifacts and similarly powerful items are unaffected regardless of level. Many cursed items prevent their bearer from removing them, but a successful remove curse gives enough time to stash the item in the chest.

Type lesser; Level 4; Price 75 gp

Type moderate; Level 7; Price 300 gp

Type greater; Level 11; Price 1,250 gp

Type major; Level 14; Price 3,750 gp

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