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Rod of Cancellation

Rod of Cancellation Item20

Rare Abjuration Magical

Price 75,000 gp

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk 1

This powerful magic rod is inimical to all magic.

Activate [two-actions] Interact; Effect You touch the rod to a magical effect or magic item and attempt to counteract the effect or item.

Regardless of the result, the rod of cancellation can’t be activated again for 2d6 hours.

On a success, the effect or item is deactivated for the same amount of time, and its duration, if any, continues to expire during that time. If you choose, you can instead completely drain the rod of cancellation’s magic on a success in order to completely drain the magic from the effect or item. If you do, both become completely non-magical and their magic can’t be recovered, even by the remake spell.

The rod of cancellation automatically fails to counteract most artifacts and similarly powerful items, but it reacts explosively when activated against a sphere of annihilation without a counteract check.

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