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Potion of Retaliation

Potion of Retaliation Item1+

Consumable Evocation Magical Potion

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L

Activate [one-action] Interact a potion of retaliation is available in four varieties-acid, cold, electricity, and fire-each with a faint shimmer reminiscent of the energy it contains. For 1 minute after drinking a potion of retaliation, you glow with a faint aura of that energy, and a creature that touches you (such as by making an unarmed attack or using a spell with a range of touch against you) takes damage of that type. The moderate, greater, and major versions also damage an adjacent creature that hits you with a melee weapon Strike.

Type minor; Level 1; Price 4 gp

The aura deals 1 damage.

Type lesser; Level 3; Price 12 gp

The aura deals 1d4 damage.

Type moderate; Level 6; Price 50 gp

The aura deals 2d4 damage.

Type greater; Level 12; Price 400 gp

The aura deals 3d6 damage.

Type major; Level 18; Price 5,000 gp

The aura deals 4d8 damage.

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