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Peachwood Weapon

Peachwood Weapon Item 12+


Usage varies by weapon; Bulk varies by weapon

Peachwood weapons have a particularly auburn tinge to them when under direct sunlight.

Peachwood is treated as darkwood for any undead creatures’ resistances or weaknesses related to darkwood (allowing a peachwood weapon to bypass a jiang-shi’s resistance, for example). In addition, peachwood weapons bypass a small portion of the resistances of any undead creature. Strikes with a peachwood weapon treat an undead’s resistances against physical damage as 2 lower for standard-grade peachwood, and 4 lower for high-grade.

Type standard-grade peachwood weapon; Level 12; Price 2,000 gp + 200 gp per Bulk; Craft Requirements At least 250 gp of peachwood + 25 gp per Bulk

Type high-grade peachwood weapon; Level 18; Price 19,000 gp + 1,900 gp per Bulk; Craft Requirements At least 9,500 gp of peachwood + 950 gp per Bulk

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