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Orb Shard

Orb Shard Item20

Rare Artifact Enchantment Magical

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk

Each orb shard within 60 feet of the flawed orb of Gold Dragonkind increases the save DC against the orb by 1; thus, if all 13 remaining orb shards are in this area, the save DC against the flawed orb increases from DC 30 to DC 43. A talented spellcaster or crafter can integrate an orb shard back into the flawed orb to make this DC increase permanent.


A shard of the flawed orb of Gold Dragonkind resembles a pointed length of crystal about the size and shape of a shortsword without a hilt. It functions as a +3 striking shortsword that deals 2d6 extra damage to dragons.

Destruction An orb shard is extraordinarily resilient, but it can be damaged or even destroyed by mundane attacks (Hardness 40, HP 50, BT 25). It has weakness 30 to the Breath Weapons and Strikes of gold dragons.

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