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Oil of Unlife

Oil of Unlife Item1+

Consumable Magical Necromancy Negative Oil

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L

Activate [one-action] Interact

This thin, black liquid imparts a bone-deep chill while rapidly repairing an undead creature’s physical or spiritual form. When you dash oil of unlife onto an undead creature, or a living creature with negative healing, the oil absorbs quickly into its body, and the creature regains the listed number of Hit Points. You can pour oil of unlife on an incorporeal undead; in this case, the creature absorbs the oil into itself.

Type minor; Level 1; Price 4 gp

The oil restores 1d8 Hit Points.

Type lesser; Level 3; Price 12 gp

The oil restores 2d8+5 Hit Points.

Type moderate; Level 6; Price 50 gp

The oil restores 3d8+10 Hit Points.

Type greater; Level 12; Price 400 gp

The oil restores 6d8+20 Hit Points.

Type major; Level 18; Price 5,000 gp

The oil restores 8d8+30 Hit Points.

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