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Oil of Object Animation

Oil of Object Animation Item8+

Uncommon Consumable Magical Oil Transmutation

Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk

Activate [two-actions] Interact

This fine golden oil comes in a small blue canister. Carefully spreading the oil over an object turns it into an animated object (Bestiary 20) of the same type. For example, sprinkling it on a statue makes an animated statue. If the animated object’s level would be greater than 3, the oil struggles to animate it and ultimately fails.

This animated object has the minion trait, meaning it can use 2 actions when you Command it. You can issue a Command for the current turn as part of the activation. The object remains animated for 1 minute before falling inert. As usual, you can have a maximum of four minions under your control.

Type oil of object animation; Level 8; Price 85 gp

Type greater oil of object animation; Level 16; Price 1,400 gp You can animate an object with a level of 11 or lower.

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