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Lover’s Gloves

Lover’s Gloves Item8

Emotion Enchantment Invested Magical Mental

Price 500 gp

Usage worn gloves; Bulk

These white silk gloves are adorned in red hearts that glow faintly whenever you are adjacent to someone you feel particularly strongly toward.

They buoy your spirit, giving you a +1 item bonus to Diplomacy checks.

Activate [one-action] Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You grasp the hands of a willing creature you have strong positive feelings about, regardless of the nature of those feelings.

The creature gains a +1 status bonus to saving throws and 10 temporary Hit Points for 10 minutes.

If the creature shares your feelings, you gain the same benefits, and for the duration, when you both roll a success on a saving throw against an emotion effect that causes negative emotions, you both get a critical success instead.

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