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Flawless Scale

Flawless Scale Item3

Uncommon Divination Magical

Note This item is associated with a deity whose name is not Open Game Content. Consult the original source material if this is important to your campaign.

Price 50 gp

Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 1

Access follower of a god (which can’t be named here for legal reasons)

This immaculate golden set of merchant’s scales is considered a divine instrument. Unlike most scales, this one has only a single dish for placing small objects, and calculates value rather than weight. On the other side of the fulcrum, a steel arrow indicator points to various numbers engraved on the side of the scale. By placing an object of light Bulk onto the dish, you can determine its value in gold pieces in the market in which the scale was made, based on its material composition and artisanship. For example, after placing a gemstone on the dish, the scale will indicate the fairest (average, in most cases) price you can expect to fetch in the market to which the scale is calibrated, but the scale wouldn’t detect the gemstone’s historical significance or any magical properties. A flawless scale can be calibrated to a different market by performing a 1-hour ritual in the proximity of that market.

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