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Final Rest

Final Rest Item 18

Magical Necromancy

Price 24,000 gp

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk 1

This +3 greater disrupting greater striking silver longsword is made from the purest silver. The blade is carefully etched to depict a vast and sprawling necropolis, a place where the dead are laid to rest. Whenever you critically hit an undead creature with final rest, the undead creature takes 3d6 persistent good damage, with a DC 36 Fortitude save.

Critical Success No effect.

Success The creature takes half the persistent good damage.

Failure The creature is stunned 1 and takes the full persistent good damage.

Critical Failure The creature is stunned 3 and takes double the persistent good damage.

Activate [two-actions] command, envision; Frequency once per day; Effect You hold the sword aloft, making it cast sunburst (DC 38 Reflex save).

Craft Requirements The initial raw materials must include 4,950 gp of silver.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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