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Emergency Disguise

Emergency Disguise Item1

Uncommon Conjuration Consumable Magical Talisman

Price 3 gp

Usage affixed to armor; Bulk

Activate [one-action] envision; Requirements You’re trained in Deception.

Emergency disguises appear as simple, thin red ribbon, typically worn around the neck. Each of these talismans stores a specific disguise, chosen at the time of its creation. When activated, the talisman applies a disguise to its wearer, allowing them to Impersonate without taking the time to assemble a convincing disguise first. The components the disguise creates can appear to be worth up to 3 gp total.

The instant nature of the disguise leaves a few traces of its haphazard nature, imposing a -2 circumstance penalty on checks to Impersonate using the disguise.

Wearers with the Quick Disguise feat don’t take this penalty. Any objects created as a part of the disguise disappear after 24 hours or after you remove them.

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