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Ectoplasmic Tracer

Ectoplasmic Tracer Item 3

Alchemical Consumable

Price 12 gp

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L gp

Activate [one-action] Interact

This sticky, fluorescing substance, stored in an atomizing nozzle, sprays all creatures within a 15-foot cone when released. This marks any incorporeal creatures in the cone for 1d4 days. Anyone attempting to Track a marked creature gains a +2 item bonus to the check. The tracer has no effect on corporeal creatures, nor incorporeal creatures not formed of spiritual essence, such as animate dreams that are purely mental in nature.

A marked creature that’s aware of the tracer can attempt to remove it, but the process is lengthy and unpleasant. It takes 10 minutes of scraping through its incorporeal form to remove the tracer’s effects.

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