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Deceiver’s Wayfinder

Deceiver’s Wayfinder Item10

Uncommon Illusion Magical Necromancy

Price 900 gp

Usage worn; Bulk

Worn on a chain around the neck, a Deceiver’s wayfinder functions as a compass and provides its wearer a +1 item bonus to Deception checks to Lie or Impersonate. Deceiver’s wayfinders can also be used to grant temporary healing, making it easier for the wearer to impersonate a divine spellcaster.

Activate [one-action] envision; Frequency three times per day; Effect You touch an adjacent creature, granting them 3d8 temporary Hit Points for 1 hour.

Activate [one-action] manipulate; Frequency once per day; Effect You touch an adjacent creature and attempt a counteract check against one poison or disease afflicting the creature. On a success, you halt the effects of the poison or disease for 1 day, rather than removing it. This temporarily relieves any penalties imposed by the affliction but doesn’t cure the effect or count against its duration; the poison or disease is merely halted for a time, and it resumes where it left off once this effect ends.

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