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Bottled Sunlight

Bottled Sunlight Item 2+

Alchemical Bomb Consumable Fire Light Positive Splash

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L gp

Activate [one-action] Interact

This mirrored bottle contains various chemicals dissolved in two immiscible solvents. Shaking the bottle induces chemical reactions that cause it to glow. For 1 hour, the bottle sheds bright light in a 20-foot radius (and dim light to the next 40 feet).

During this hour, it can be thrown like a bomb. This requires a single action to Activate with a Strike, like other bombs, and deals the damage below. If it’s not thrown within an hour of the first activation, it defuses harmlessly and is consumed.

Type lesser; Level 2; Price 7 gp

The bomb deals 1d4 positive damage and 1 positive splash damage, as well as 1d4 additional fire damage. As normal, positive damage harms only undead and other creatures with negative healing. Undead with a particular vulnerability to sunlight (such as vampires or wraiths) take the maximum amount of positive damage from bottled sunlight (4 instead of 1d4). For any ability that depends on the number of weapon dice bottled sunlight has, count only the positive damage dice.

Type moderate; Level 4; Price 20 gp

The bomb deals 2d4 positive damage, 2 positive splash damage, and 2d4 additional fire damage.

Type greater; Level 12; Price 360 gp

The bomb deals 3d4 positive damage, 3 positive splash damage, and 3d4 additional fire damage.

Type major; Level 18; Price 4,500 gp

The bomb deals 4d4 positive damage, 4 positive splash damage, and 4d4 additional fire damage.

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