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Archaic Wayfinder

Archaic Wayfinder Item2

Uncommon Evocation Magical

Price 30 gp

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk

Activate Cast a Spell

Discovery of the ancient aeon stones, and their subsequent reverse engineering to create wayfinders, counted among the first triumphs of the Adventurer’s Society. Over the centuries, wayfinders have taken on a homogeneous design, with the vast majority being virtually identical copies of one another, meticulously crafted to an exact formula by the Society‘s artificers. Things were not always so orthodox, however, and examples of archaic wayfinders can still be found at the bottom of forgotten pit traps and in the collections of wealthy agents across the city.

An archaic wayfinder functions as a compass and acts as a repository for one cantrip cast into it. To fill an archaic wayfinder, a spellcaster casts the chosen cantrip into the empty device, providing any necessary cost; the spell cannot be one that is normally cast as a free action or reaction. Activating an archaic wayfinder is the same as the casting for the relevant spell. Once it has been activated, it becomes empty again. An archaic wayfinder can hold an aeon stone and activate its resonant power. An archaic wayfinder counts against the limit of one wayfinder with a slotted resonant aeon stone.

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