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Aluum Charm

Aluum CharmItem10

Uncommon Enchantment Invested Magical

Usage worn; Bulk

This ornate pendant of brass is adorned with a vibrant blue gemstone. An aluum charm grants control over a particular aluum and lesser influence over other such constructs. As long as you wear an aluum’s linked aluum charm, that aluum follows your verbal commands, including somewhat nuanced orders like “subdue this target” or “strike anyone wearing a blue robe.”

Activate [two-actions] command; Frequency once per round; Effect The charm grants you control over an aluum you can see within 60 feet, with a level equal to or lower than the charm. This has the effect of dominate and allows a DC 28 Will save. If the aluum is currently under the control of someone wearing its linked charm, it gets a result on its saving throw one degree higher than what it rolled. You can control only one aluum at a time using this activation, and controlling a new aluum ends the effect for one you had previously affected.


Although members of the Zephyr Guard stop at nothing to detain and destroy rogue aluums, several such renegade spiritbound aluums remain at large. Retired Zephyr Guards are the most common soul donors bound within an aluum’s crystalline focus, typically agreeing to it early in their career in exchange for a higher salary.

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