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Aeon Stone

Aeon Stone Item3+

Uncommon Invested Magical Transmutation

Usage worn, Bulk –

Aeon stones are magic stones that orbit your head when invested and grant a resonant power when slotted in a wayfinder.

Type agate ellipsoid; Level 5; Price 130 gp

This aeon stone allows you to cast 2nd-level augury as a divine innate spell once per day.

The resonant power causes the augury spell from the aeon stone to always succeed at the DC 6 flat check to give an answer other than “nothing.”

Type azure briolette; Level 4; Price 85 gp

This aeon stone must be activated to provide a benefit.

Activate [reaction] envision; Trigger An enemy fails its save against a mental spell you cast using one of your spell slots; Effect

You gain temporary Hit Points equal to twice the spell’s level until your next turn.

The resonant power grants a separate activation.

Activate [two-actions] command, Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You gain the effect of a chill touch arcane cantrip.

Type dusty rose prism; Level 3; Price 50 gp

This aeon stone allows you to cast the 1st-level shield cantrip as an arcane innate spell, surrounding yourself in pink energy.

The resonant power increases the damage prevented by your aeon stone’s shield spell from 5 to 10.

Type pale orange rhomboid; Level 19; Price 40,000 gp

The first time each day you die, your vital and spiritual essences mingle together and reside within this aeon stone.

You have a limited sense of how many life forces are currently within 30 feet of the stone, which you can potentially use to determine when it’s safe to call on the stone’s power. At any time within the next hour after your body died, you can spend 1 minute concentrating in order to return to your body.

As long as your body is still intact, you are no longer dead- you are restored to 1 HP with the doomed 3 and wounded 3 conditions. You can benefit from the effects of only one pale orange rhomboid aeon stone in a given day.

The resonant power allows you to wait more than an hour to return to your body with the aeon stone; as long as the wayfinder remains on the body, your body doesn’t decay and you can return at any point.

Type pearlescent pyramid; Level 10; Price 900 gp

While invested, this aeon stone grants the benefit of the ghost touch property rune to your weapons and unarmed attacks.

The resonant power grants a special activation.

Activate [one-action] envision; Frequency once per minute; Effect You gain the effects of see invisibility for 1 round.

Type pearly white spindle; Level 3; Price 60 gp

When you invest this aeon stone, it slowly starts healing your wounds, restoring 1 HP every minute.

The resonant power grants you resistance 1 to negative damage.

Type western star; Level 6; Price 225 gp

This aeon stone must be activated to provide a benefit.

Activate [two-actions] envision, Interact; Effect You activate the aeon stone to gain the effects of a 1st-level illusory disguise.

The resonant power allows you to render all of your aeon stones and your wayfinder invisible whenever you use the activation to gain the effects of illusory disguise.

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