Magic Items

Name TypeLevel Publisher Source
Aluum Charm Item10
Antler Arrow Item2
Archaic Wayfinder
Balisse Feather Item12
Basilisk Eye Item9
Black Pearl Aeon Stone
Blessed Tattoo
Bottomless Stein
Bulwark Shield
Candle of Invocation Item16
Candle of Revealing Item7
Corrosive Ammunition Item7
Dagger of Eternal Sleep
Deteriorating Dust
Dreadsmoke Thurible
Dust of Corpse Animation Item8+
Earthglide Cloak Item15
Earthsight Box Item9
Envisioning Mask Item11
Exploding Shield Item5
False Death
Final Blade
Fire-Jump Ring Item10
Flawed Orb of Gold Dragonkind
Flawless Scale
Four-Ways Dogslicer Item12
Freezing Ammunition Item5
Frenzy Oil
Gecko Potion Item1
Glaive of the Artist
Glamorous Buckler Item2
Gorgon’s Breath
Grinning Pugwampi
Hellfire Boots Item13
Incense of Distilled Death Item12
Infiltrator’s Accessory Item5
Isolation Draught
Lover’s Gloves Item8
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
Mage Bane
Manacles of Persuasion
Mask of the Banshee Item9+
Medusa’s Scream Item13+
Miter of Communion
Mortar of Hidden Meaning
Necklace of Knives
Nightmare Salt
Oblivion Essence
Oil of Object Animation Item8+
Oil of Revelation Item5
Oil of Unlife Item1+
Orb Shard
Pactmasters’ Grace
Potion of Disguise Item5+
Potion of Expeditious Retreat Item1
Potion of Retaliation Item1+
Potion of Shared Memories Item1
Predictable Silver Piece Item1
Rat-Catcher Trident
Ration Tonic Item1+
Ready Rune6+
Rod of Cancellation Item20
Rope of Climbing Item3+
Rune, Winged Rune13+
Shielding Salve Item1
Silver Anvil
Singing Bowl of the Versatile Stance
Slates of Distant Letters Item13
Sleeves of Storage Item4+
Spellguard Blade Item7
Spine Grenade
Spiritsight Crossbow Item8
Staff of Impossible Visions Item6+
Staff of Nature’s Vengeance Item10+
Staff of Providence Item6+
Sun Orchid Elixir
Terrifying Ammunition Item6
Time Shield Potion Item13
Urn of Ashes Item9
Victory Plate Item9+
Walking Cauldron Item1
Wand of Crackling Lightning Item8+
Wand of Hopeless Night Item6+
Wand of Overflowing Life Item9+
Wand of the Snowfields Item14+
Wand of the Spider Item7+
Weeping Midnight