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Magic Items

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485 Records Found

Name Source
Adult Faerie Dragon Liqueur
Advancing Rune
Aeon Stone
Aether Appendage
Aim-Aiding Rune
Alghollthu Lash
Alicorn Lance
Aluum Charm
Amaranth Bewitching Bloom
Amazing Pop-Up Book
Amenomic Charm
Amulet of the Third Eye
Anathema Fulu
Ancestral Geometry
Anchor of Aquatic Exploration
Anticorrosion Oil
Antler Arrow
Apparition Gloves
Arachnid Harness
Archaic Wayfinder
Architect’s Pattern Book
Armbands of Gorgon
Artificer Spectacles
Assisting Rune
Authorized Rune
Autumn’s Embrace
Avalanche Boots
Balisse Feather
Bane Oil
Bargainer’s Instrument
Basilisk Eye
Bastion of the Inheritor
Batsbreath Cane
Battle Medic’s Baton
Beguiling Crown
Bellflower Bewitching Bloom
Bewildering Spellgun
Black Hole Armor
Black Pearl Aeon Stone
Blade Byrnie
Blade Thousand-Pains Fulu
Blending Brooch
Blessed Reformer
Blessed Tattoo
Bloodhound Olfactory Stimulators
Bola Shot
Book of Warding Prayers
Boozy Bottle
Bottled Sunlight
Bottomless Stein
Bound Guardian
Breastplate of the Mountain
Bring Me Near
Bull Heartening Missive
Bulwark Shield
Burl Thousand-Pains Fulu
Butterfly Heartening Missive
Candle of Invocation
Candle of Revealing
Captivating Bauble
Captivating Score
Celestial Peachwood Sword
Chain of Stars
Chair of Inventions
Cherry Blossom Bewitching Bloom
Chronicler Wayfinder
Clockwork Shield
Cloning Potion
Coating Rune
Code of Destruction and Renewal
Communion Mat
Compressed Nevercold
Construct Key
Copper Penny
Corrosive Ammunition
Corrosive Engravings
Courtier’s Pillow Book
Cube of Recall
Dagger of Eternal Sleep
Deceiver’s Wayfinder
Depth Charge I
Depth Charge II
Depth Charge III
Depth Charge IV
Depth Charge V
Depth Charge VI
Depth Charge VII
Deteriorating Dust
Devil’s Bargain
Dezullon Fountain
Dimension Shot
Discord Fulu
Disrupting Oil
Diviner’s Nose Chain
Dragon Handwraps
Dragon Throat Scale
Dragon Turtle Plate
Dragonclaw Scutcheon
Dragonfly Fulu
Dragonscale Cameo
Dragonscale Staff
Dragontooth Club
Dragontooth Trophy
Draxie’s Recipe Book
Dreadsmoke Thurible
Dust of Corpse Animation
Earthbinding Rune
Earthglide Cloak
Earthsight Box
Ectoplasmic Tracer
Eidetic Potion
Elysian Dew
Emergency Disguise
Emergency Eye
Empath’s Cordial
Empathy Charm
Energizing Lattice
Energizing Treat
Energy Adaptive Rune
Enigma-Sight Potion
Ensnaring Disk
Envisioning Mask
Escape Fulu
Euphoric Loop
Everyneed Pack
Exploding Shield
Explosive Missive
Eye Slash
Faith Tattoo
Falconsight Eye
False Death
False Death Vial
Familiar Morsel
Fate Shot
Feast of Hungry Ghosts
Final Blade
Final Rest
Fire-Jump Ring
Flawed Orb of Gold Dragonkind
Flawless Scale
Flurrying Rune
Folding Book
Fortune’s Coin
Four-Ways Dogslicer
Freezing Ammunition
Frenzy Oil
Frostwalker Pattern
Fundamental Oil
Garrote Shot
Gecko Potion
Ghast Stiletto
Ghost Courier Fulu
Ghost Delivery Fulu
Ghost Lantern
Glaive of the Artist
Glamorous Buckler
Gliding Rune
Glimmering Missive
Golden Breath Fulu
Gorgon’s Breath
Gossip’s Eye
Gravemist Taper
Greater Advancing Rune
Greater Arachnid Harness
Greater Black Tendril Shot
Greater Blade Byrnie
Greater Clockwork Shield
Greater Conduit Shot
Greater Demolition Fulu
Greater Disrupting Oil
Greater Euphoric Loop
Greater Eye Slash
Greater Faith Tatoo
Greater False Death Vial
Greater Grudgestone
Greater Helmsman’s Recourse
Greater Library Robes
Greater Life-Boosting Oil
Greater Linguist’s Dictionary
Greater Magnetic Shot
Greater Moonlit Spellgun
Greater Oil of Ownership
Greater Potion Patch
Greater Quenching Rune
Greater Reef Heart
Greater Reflecting Shard
Greater Reverberating Stone
Greater Roaring Potion
Greater Ruby Capacitor
Greater Sanguine Klar
Greater Sapling Shield
Greater Serpent Oil
Greater Snarling Badger
Greater Soaring Wings
Greater Sparking Spellgun
Greater Spiritual Warhorn
Greater Swallow-Spike Rune
Greater Tentacle Potion
Greater Tome of Restorative Cleansing
Greater Tooth and Claw Tattoo
Greater Torrent Spellgun
Greater Tradecraft Tattoo
Greater Warding Escutcheon
Greater Wildwood Ink
Greater Wyrm on the Wing
Grim Ring
Grinning Pugwampi
Grinning Pugwampi
Grounding Spike
Harrow Spellcards
Hellfire Boots
Helmsman’s Recourse
Homeward Swallow
Horrid Figurine
Hovering Potion
Hungering Maw
Icicle Thousand-Pains Fulu
Illuminated Folio
Immortal Bastion
Immovable Potion
Immovable Rune
Imp Shot
Impossible Rune
Incense of Distilled Death
Infiltrator’s Accessory
Inventor’s Fulu
Isolation Draught
Jug of Fond Remembrance
Kaiju Fulu
Lady’s Spiral
Laurel of the Empath
Legerdemain Handkerchief
Lesser Black Tendril Shot
Lesser Conduit Shot
Lesser Demolition Fulu
Lesser Life-Boosting Oil
Lesser Magnetic Shot
Lesser Moonlit Spellgun
Lesser Oil of Ownership
Lesser Potion Patch
Lesser Roaring Potion
Lesser Sapling Shield
Lesser Serpent Oil
Lesser Snarling Badger
Lesser Sparking Spellgun
Lesser Spiritual Warhorn
Lesser Tentacle Potion
Lesser Tome of Restorative Cleansing
Lesser Torrent Spellgun
Library Robes
Life Salt
Lightning Rod Shot
Lilac Bewitching Bloom
Linguist’s Dictionary
Lotus Bewitching Bloom
Lover’s Gloves
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
Mage Bane
Magical Prosthetic Eye
Magnetizing Rune
Magnolia Bewitching Bloom
Major Blade Byrnie
Major Eye Slash
Major Faith Tattoo
Major Helmsman’s Recourse
Major Library Robes
Major Life-Boosting Oil
Major Moonlit Spellgun
Major Quenching Rune
Major Ruby Capacitor
Major Sapling Shield
Major Serpent Oil
Major Soaring Wings
Major Spiritual Warhorn
Major Swallow-Spike Rune
Major Tooth and Claw Tattoo
Major Torrent Spellgun
Major Wildwood Ink
Major Wyrm on the Wing
Manacles of Persuasion
Mantle of Amazing Health
Marvelous Pigment
Mask of the Banshee
Maw of Hungry Shadows
Medusa’s Scream
Memoir Map
Merciful Balm
Merciful Rune
Messenger Missive
Mind-Swap Potion
Mindlock Shot
Minor Moonlit Spellgun
Minor Sapling Shield
Misleading Rune
Miter of Communion
Moderate Black Tendril Shot
Moderate Conduit Shot
Moderate Demolition Fulu
Moderate Life-Boosting Oil
Moderate Magnetic Shot
Moderate Moonlit Spellgun
Moderate Oil of Ownership
Moderate Potion Patch
Moderate Roaring Potion
Moderate Sapling Shield
Moderate Serpent Oil
Moderate Snarling Badger
Moderate Sparking Spellgun
Moderate Spiritual Warhorn
Moderate Tentacle Potion
Moderate Tome of Restorative Cleansing
Moderate Torrent Spellgun
Mortal Chronicle
Mortalis Coin
Mortar of Hidden Meaning
Mourner’s Dawnlight Fulu
Multiple Messenger Missive
Navigator’s Star
Necklace of Knives
Needle Thousand-Pains Fulu
Nemesis Name
Neophyte’s Fipple
Nightmare Salt
Oblivion Essence
Oil of Object Animation
Oil of Revelation
Oil of Skating
Oil of Swiftness
Oil of Unlife
Olfactory Stimulators
One Hundred Victories
Orb Shard
Ouroboros Buckles
Pacifying Rune
Pactmasters’ Grace
Peachwood Talisman
Peachwood Weapon
Pentagonal Seventh Prism
Pilferer’s Gloves
Piston Gauntlets
Platinum Fortune’s Coin
Polarizing Mace
Poracha Fulu
Portable Hole
Portable Rune
Potion of Disguise
Potion of Expeditious Retreat
Potion of Retaliation
Potion of Shared Memories
Predictable Silver Piece
Purple Iris Bewitching Bloom
Quenching Potion
Quenching Rune
Quill Of Passage
Rabbit Heartening Missive
Ranging Shot
Rat-Catcher Trident
Ration Tonic
Reading Glyphs
Reaper’s Crescent
Reaper’s Spellgun
Rebirth Potion
Red Rose Bewitching Bloom
Red-Handed Missive
Reef Heart
Refined Nevercold
Reflected Moonlight Fulu
Reflecting Shard
Remorhaz Armor
Reverberating Stone
Rime Foil
Rod of Cancellation
Rope of Climbing
Ruby Capacitor
Rune of Cunning
Rune, Winged
Sandals of the Stag
Sanguine Klar
Scizore of the Crab
Sealing Chest
Sentry Fulu
Sextant of the Night
Shadowmist Cape
Shattered Plan
Shielding Salve
Sighting Shot
Silver Anvil
Singing Bowl of the Versatile Stance
Slates of Distant Letters
Sleeves of Storage
Snowshoes Of The Long Trek
Soaring Wings
Solar Shellflower
Spark Dancer
Spectacles Of Understanding
Spell Duelist’s Siphon
Spellbreaking Rune
Spellguard Blade
Spine Grenade
Spiritsight Crossbow
Spyglass Eye
Staff of Impossible Visions
Staff of Nature’s Vengeance
Staff of Providence
Stage Fright Missive
Standard of the Primeval Howl
Starfall Shield
Staring Skull
Starsong Nectar
Stone Thousand-Pains Fulu
Stumbling Fulu
Sun Orchid Elixir
Sun Sight
Sure-Step Potion
Swallow-Spike Rune
Swarming Rune
Talespinner’s Lyre
Talisman Cord
Terrifying Ammunition
Time Shield Potion
Tome of Scintillating Sleet
Tooth and Claw Tattoo
Tradecraft Tattoo
Triangular Seventh Prism
Triangular Teeth
Troubadour’s Cap
True Eye Slash
True Faith Tattoo
True Library Robes
True Quenching Rune
True Sapling Shield
True Serpent Oil
Turnabout Shield
Turtle Heartening Missive
Unbreakable Heart
Undead Detection Dye
Undertaker’s Manifest
Urn of Ashes
Vampire-Fang Morningstar
Vaporous Pipe
Verdant Branch
Victory Plate
Vine Whip
Violin of the Waves
Voice from the Grave
Void Thousand-Pains Fulu
Walking Cauldron
Wand Cane
Wand of Crackling Lightning
Wand of Hopeless Night
Wand of Overflowing Life
Wand of the Snowfields
Wand of the Spider
Warding Escutcheon
Watchful Portrait
Wayfinder, Fashionable
Wayfinder, Homeward
Wayfinder, Hummingbird
Weapon-Weird Oil
Weeping Midnight
Whelming Scrimshaw
Whispering Staff
White Poppy Bewitching Bloom
Wildwood Ink
Wind at Your Back
Wind Ocarina
Windlass Bolas
Wooden Nickel
Wounding Oil
Wyrm Faerie Dragon Liqueur
Wyrm on the Wing
Young Faerie Dragon Liqueur