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51 Records Found

Name Source
Befuddling Gas Trap
Blast Tumbler
Blood Tears
Blood-Soaked Soil
Bloodthirsty Toy
Bounding Hounds
Cannibalistic Echoes
Clone Mirrors
Cold Spot
Confound Portal
Constricting Hall
Desperate Hunger
Disorienting Illusions
Distortion Mirror
Ectoplasmic Grasp
Entombed Spirit
Entrapping Chair
Exhaling Portal
False Floor
False Step Floor
Final Words
Flood of Spirits
Frenetic Musician
Ghost Stampede
Glimpse Grave
Grasping Dead
Images of Failure
Images of Powerlessness
Locking Door
Mirror Door
Painful Suggestion Trap
Paralyzing Light Trap
Phantom Footsteps
Phantom Jailer
Reflected Desires
Rusty Grate Pit
Sadistic Conductor
Shattered Window
Shrinking Hall
Shrouded Assailant
Shuffling Hall
Sigil of Deepest Fears
Siphoning Spirit
Spike Launcher
Spirit Cyclone
Spirit Window
Stonescale Spirits
Toppling Furniture
Vengeful Furnace
Watching Wall
Weight of Guilt