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96 Records Found

Name Source
Agile Feet
Appearance of Wealth
Artistic Flourish
Athletic Rush
Bit of Luck
Blind Ambition
Captivating Adoration
Charming Touch
Cinder Gaze
Cloak of Shadow
Commanding Lash
Competitive Edge
Cry of Destruction
Darkened Eyes
Dazzling Flash
Death’s Call
Delusional Pride
Destructive Aura
Disperse Into Air
Dreamer’s Call
Enduring Might
Eradicate Undeath
Euphoric Renewal
Face In The Crowd
Fearful Feast
Fire Ray
Flame Barrier
Forced Quiet
Frenzied Revelry
Glimpse the Truth
Healer’s Blessing
Hollow Heart
Hurtling Stone
Inevitable Destination
Know the Enemy
Lift Nature’s Caul
Localized Quake
Lucky Break
Magic’s Vessel
Malignant Sustenance
Manifold Lives
Mystic Beacon
Nature’s Bounty
Over the Coals
Path of Least Resistance
Perfected Form
Perfected Form
Positive Luminance
Precious Metals
Protector’s Sacrifice
Protector’s Sphere
Pulse of the City
Purifying Veil
Pushing Gust
Read Fate
Rebuke Death
Retributive Pain
Return the Favor
Safeguard Secret
Savor the Sting
Scholarly Recollection
Shaken Confidence
Shared Nightmare
Soothing Words
Splash of Art
String of Fate
Sudden Shift
Sweet Dream
Take Its Course
Temporal Distortion
Tempt Fate
Tidal Surge
Time Skip
Touch of Obedience
Touch of the Moon
Touch of Undeath
Traveler’s Transit
Trickster’s Twin
Unimpeded Stride
Veil of Confidence
Vibrant Thorns
Victory Cry
Waking Dream
Waking Nightmare
Weapon Surge
Weaponize Secret
Wind Whispers
Word of Freedom
Word of Truth
Zeal for Battle