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Wayfinder, Elemental

Elemental Wayfinder Item9+

Uncommon Evocation Invested Magical

Usage worn; Bulk

Pathfinder Society researchers recently created elemental wayfinders with the assistance of the Society’s elemental allies. In addition to the effects of a wayfinder, these wayfinders each grant the ability to cast a particular elemental spell once per day, and can assist Pathfinders in exploring areas associated with their element. Each has the trait associated with its element.

Activate [two-actions] command; Frequency once per day; Effect The wayfinder casts its associated spell.

Type air; Level 9; Price 650 gp

The wayfinder can cast 4th-level lightning bolt. Additionally, you can cast feather fall as a primal innate spell once every 10 minutes.

Type earth; Level 9; Price 600 gp

The wayfinder can cast 4th-level stoneskin. Additionally, you dig twice as quickly as normal.

Type fire; Level 9; Price 700 gp

The wayfinder can cast 4th-level fireball. Additionally, you gain resistance 5 to fire.

Type water; Level 10; Price 900 gp

The wayfinder can cast 4th-level hydraulic torrent.

Additionally, you gain the constant effects of water breathing.

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