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Syncretism Feat1


Prerequisites you follow a deity

You have come to see the overlap between two deities’ teachings. Choose a second deity. You must meet their alignment requirements, and you are subject to their edicts and anathema. If you are a cloistered cleric, select one of that deity’s domains, gaining the benefits of the Expanded Domain Initiate feat (page 8) with that domain. If you are a warpriest, you gain the favored weapon of that deity as a second favored weapon, and it gains the benefits of feats and abilities you have that affect your deity’s favored weapon, such as Deadly Simplicity. If you have a different doctrine than cloistered cleric or warpriest, either apply whichever of the above options is most appropriate for your doctrine, or, at the GM’s discretion, add a benefit from the second deity more closely tied to your doctrine.

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