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Mask Familiar

Mask Familiar Feat4


Archetype Attendant

Prerequisites Attendant Dedication

Your mask takes on a personality of its own, allowing it to serve as your familiar. Though you can still wear it as a mask, you can detach it from your face to grant it a bodily form of colored light that allows it to move around; usually, this is a miniature form of the animal the mask represents. Detaching or reattaching the familiar to transform it is a two-action activity. Even in mask form, the familiar can move around on its master’s face and speaks in a distinct voice (if it can talk). It is easily recognized as more than a simple mask unless the familiar succeeds at a Deception check to Impersonate a mask. Other than its appearance and the fact that it can be worn, it functions as other familiars. Your mask familiar has access to the mask freeze familiar ability

Mask Freeze: When in mask form, your familiar can hide its obvious supernatural qualities to pass as a simple, unassuming mask. It doesn’t need to Impersonate to fool a passing glance, and it gains a +4 circumstance bonus to its Deception DC against an active observer Seeking or otherwise studying it.

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