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Explosive Death Drop

Explosive Death Drop [one-action] Feat14

Fire Monk

Prerequisites Blazing Talon Surge

Requirements You are in Rain of Embers Stance and have a target grabbed or restrained.

You lift your enemy into the air before bringing them crashing down with a fiery detonation. Roll an Athletics check against your target’s Fortitude DC. You take a -1 circumstance penalty to your check if the target is one size larger than you and a -3 circumstance penalty if it’s larger than that. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to your check if the target is one size smaller than you and a +3 circumstance bonus if it’s smaller than that.

  • Critical Success The target takes 12d6 fire damage and falls prone in an unoccupied adjacent square of your choice. The target is no longer grabbed. The target and any creature adjacent to it also each take 1d6 persistent fire damage.
  • Success As critical success, but the target takes 6d6 fire damage instead of 12d6, and creatures don’t take persistent fire damage.
  • Failure The target is no longer grabbed.
  • Critical Failure As failure, but you fall prone.
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