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Experienced Smuggler

Experienced Smuggler Feat1

General Skill

Prerequisite(s) trained in Stealth

You often smuggle things past the authorities. When the GM rolls your Stealth check to see if a passive observer notices a small item you have concealed, the GM uses the number rolled or 10-whichever is higher-as the result of your die roll, adding it to your Stealth modifier to determine your Stealth check result.

If you’re a master in Stealth, the GM uses the number rolled or 15, and if you’re legendary in Stealth, you automatically succeed at hiding a small concealed item from passive observers. This provides no benefits when a creature attempts a Perception check while actively searching you for hidden items. Due to your smuggling skill, you’re more likely to find more lucrative smuggling jobs when using Underworld Lore to Earn Income.

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