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Craft Facsimile

Craft Facsimile Feat6

Archetype Skill

Prerequisites expert in Crafting, Pathfinder Agent Dedication

You’re renowned for your ability to recover important items, whether they’re from a long-abandoned temple or a thieves’ den, and sometimes that requires creating a stand-in. You can spend 1 minute to assemble a facsimile of an object of no more than 1 Bulk that you can see from available materials. The facsimile has the same shape and Bulk as the replaced object and can pass as the object if not examined.

A creature familiar with the original who examines the object automatically realizes that it is a fake. A creature not familiar with the original can still tell it was a hastily jury-rigged stand-in of some kind, but they might not know the object was supposed to be something else.

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