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Battle Prayer

Battle Prayer [one-action] Feat7

Divine General Skill

Prerequisites master in Religion, you follow a deity Calling out to your deity, you recite scripture to harm a foe.

When you select this feat, choose chaos, evil, good, or law. Your choice must match one of your deity’s alignment components.

This action has the trait corresponding to the chosen alignment.

Attempt a Religion check against the Will DC of a foe within 30 feet. The foe is then temporarily immune to Battle Prayers from your deity for 1 day.

Critical Success You deal 2d6 damage of the chosen alignment type, or 6d6 damage if you have legendary proficiency in Religion.

Success You deal 1d6 damage of the chosen alignment type, or 3d6 damage if you have legendary proficiency in Religion.

Failure There is no effect.

Critical Failure The backlash of your foe’s will against your prayer prevents you from using Battle Prayer again for 10 minutes.

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