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Virtuosic Performer

Virtuosic Performer Feat1

General Skill

Prerequisite(s) trained in Performance

You have exceptional talent with one type of performance. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus when making a certain type of performance. If you are a master in Performance, this bonus increases to +2. Select one of the following specialties and apply the bonus when attempting Performance checks of that type. If it’s unclear whether the specialty applies, the GM decides.

Specialty Examples
Acting Drama, pantomime, puppetry
Comedy Buffoonery, joke telling, limericks
Dance Ballet, huara, jig, macru
Keyboards Harpsichord, organ, piano
Oratory Epic, ode, poetry, storytelling Percussion Chimes, drum, gong, xylophone
Singing Ballad, chant, melody, rhyming Strings Fiddle, harp, lute, viol
Winds Bagpipe, flute, recorder, trumpet
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