Name Publisher Source
Absorb Spell
Adaptive Mask Familiar
Additional Lore
Adopted Ancestry
Aegis of Vigil
Alchemical Crafting
Ancestral Paragon
Apex Companion
Arcane Sense
Armor Proficiency
Attendant Dedication
Attunement to Stone
Aura of Unbreakable Virtue
Automatic Knowledge
Bargain Hunter
Battle Cry
Battle Medicine
Battle Prayer
Bizarre Magic
Blade of Law
Blade of the Crimson Oath
Bless Tonic
Bless Toxin
Blessed Blood
Bloodline Metamorphosis
Boaster’s Challenge
Bonded Animal
Bravo’s Determination
Breath Control
Canny Acumen
Cascade Bearer’s Flexibility
Cat Fall
Charged Creation
Charming Liar
Cloud Jump
Combat Climber
Continual Recovery
Courtly Graces
Craft Anything
Danger Sense
Daredevil’s Gambit
Daring Act
Daring Flourish
Deadly Poison Weapon
Death’s Door
Demanding Challenge
Divine Guidance
Drug Skin
Dualistic Synergy
Dubious Knowledge
Efficient Alchemy
Emblazon Divinity
Emerald Boughs Accustomation
Emerald Boughs Hideaway
Endure Death’s Touch
Enduring Debilitation
Environmental Grace
Expanded Domain Initiate
Expeditious Search
Experienced Professional
Experienced Smuggler
Experienced Tracker
Fascinating Performance
Fast Recovery
Feather Step
Firebrand Braggart Dedication
Flexible Halcyon Spellcasting
Foil Senses
Font of Knowledge
Fortified Flesh
Fulminating Synergy
Gaze of Veracity
Godless Healing
Golden Body
Grave Sense
Great Boaster
Group Coercion
Group Impression
Halcyon Speaker Dedication
Halcyon Spellcasting Adept
Halcyon Spellcasting Initiate
Halcyon Spellcasting Sage
Harrying Strike
Hefty Hauler
Hell’s Armaments
Hellknight Dedication
Hellknight Signifer Dedication
Impeccable Crafting
Impressive Performance
Incredible Initiative
Incredible Investiture
Intimidating Glare
Intimidating Prowess
Invulnerable Juggernaut
Judgment of the Monolith
Ka Stone Ritual
Kip Up
Knight in Shining Armor
Knight Reclaimant Dedication
Knight Vigilant
Lasting Coercion
Legendary Codebreaker
Legendary Linguist
Legendary Medic
Legendary Negotiation
Legendary Performer
Legendary Professional
Legendary Sneak
Legendary Survivalist
Legendary Thief
Lengthy Diversion
Lie To Me
Lore Seeker
Magic Warrior Aspect
Magic Warrior Dedication
Magic Warrior Transformation
Magical Crafting
Magical Shorthand
Mask Familiar
Masked Casting
Mortal Healing
Nameless Anonymity
Natural Medicine
Necromantic Resistance
Necromantic Tenacity
Nimble Crawl
Numb To Death
Oddity Identification
Perfect Ki Adept
Perfect Strike
Persistent Creation
Planar Survival
Powerful Leap
Quick Climb
Quick Coercion
Quick Disguise
Quick Identification
Quick Jump
Quick Recognition
Quick Repair
Quick Squeeze
Quick Swim
Quick Unlock
Quiet Allies
Rain-Scribe Mobility
Rain-Scribe Sustenance
Rapid Mantel
Read Lips
Reaper of Repose
Recognize Spell
Robust Recovery
Sacred Defense
Sacred Ki
Sanctify Water
Scare To Death
Scrollmaster Dedication
Sense Chaos
Shameless Request
Shaped Contaminant
Shared Synergy
Shield Block
Shoulder Catastrophe
Sign Language
Signifer Armor Expertise
Signifer’s Sight
Skill Training
Slippery Secrets
Snare Crafting
Song of the Fallen
Specialty Crafting
Spell Mastery
Spellmaster Dedication
Spellmaster’s Resilience
Splinter Faith
Steady Balance
Stone Blood
Stone Communion
Student of Perfection Dedication
Student of the Canon
Subtle Theft
Superior Sight
Surreptitious Spellcaster
Survey Wildlife
Survivor of Desolation
Swift Sneak
Swordmaster Dedication
Synergistic Spell
Tempest-Sun Redirection
Tempest-Sun Shielding
Terrain Expertise
Terrain Stalker
Terrified Retreat
Third Eye
Titan Wrestler
Train Animal
Trick Magic Item
Ultimate Flexibility
Underwater Marauder
Unified Theory
Unmistakable Lore
Unravel Mysteries
Unshakable Idealism
Untrained Improvisation
Virtuosic Performer
Wall Jump
Ward Casting
Ward Medic
Wary Disarmament
Weapon Proficiency