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Pesh (Refined)

Pesh (Refined)Item1

Alchemical Consumable Drug Ingested Inhaled Poison

Price 2 gp

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L

Activate [one-action] Interact

Saving Throw Fortitude DC 12; Onset 1 minute; Maximum Duration 6 hours; Stage 1 stupefied 1 and a +2 item bonus to saves versus fear effects (1 minute); Stage 2 1 temporary Hit Point per level (first time you reach this stage only), +2 item bonus to saves versus fear effects, clumsy 1, and stupefied 1 (1 minute); Stage 3 clumsy 2 and stupefied 2 (1 hour)

The euphoric drug known as pesh comes from the milk of a cactus of the same name, originally native only to Katapesh and important enough to the local economy that their nation is named for it. The drug has several different forms, but the most valuable is the refined version—and hence the version most commonly smuggled abroad—a tarry, chunky black paste made by cooking the cactus’s milk along with its resin and other additives. When eaten or smoked, the drug gives users a sense of well-being, sometimes combined with hallucinations, though these can also turn to paranoia, aggression, and exhaustion. It’s also dangerously addictive, as its dealers know all too well.

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