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Ghost Ink

Ghost Ink Item 1

Alchemical Consumable

Price 3 gp

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L

Activate 10 minutes (Interact)

This pale-blue ink dries rapidly, becoming fully transparent 1 minute after application. The ink glows red when exposed to heat, such as that from a torch or other open flame. This glow lasts only as long as the ink is exposed to heat, after which the ink becomes invisible again. The crafter of the ghost ink can alter the formula slightly to instead make the ink sensitive to sunlight, starlight, magical light, or heatless light created by an alchemical effect such as a sunrod.

While the text isn’t glowing, a creature closely examining a surface marked with ghost ink can detect the presence of the ink with a successful DC 25 Perception check. On a critical success, they can make out the ink well enough to use Society to Decipher Writing. One vial of ghost ink is sufficient to write a page worth of text.

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