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Bookthief Brew

Bookthief BrewItem1

Uncommon Alchemical Consumable

Price 3 gp

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L

Activate 1 minute (Interact)

This concoction mixes into a thick, paste-like substance when shaken. When exposed to air, the substance dries after one minute. If poured over a book, scroll, or other material featuring words written in ink, the brew will make an exact copy of the words it is in contact with while it dries, though it doesn’t contain any magical effect or other special properties of the original words. Once dried, you can remove the dried substance as an Interact action. A single vial of bookthief brew can coat two pages from a book, a single scroll, or a similar amount of area for other surfaces, producing a dried sheet as thick as a piece of paper. Unfortunately, the sheet’s copy is flipped, requiring a mirror to properly read.

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