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Book of Translation

Book of Translation (Locale) Item 2+


Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L

The book is leather-bound and decorated with red and gold cords tied to keep it shut. Each volume offers translation for a different language. When working with a book of translation, you can attempt Diplomacy checks to Gather Information or to Make an Impression with creatures that speak the language featured in the book, even if you do not speak the language. Such checks take 10 times longer to complete and you take a –2 circumstance penalty to the check due to your limited communication capabilities.

Type standard; Level 2; Price 25 gp

Type advanced; Level 5; Price 125 gp

An advanced book of translation features more complex phrases, local colloquialisms, and assumes a rudimentary understanding of the featured language. Checks attempted while using an advanced book of translation do not take a circumstance penalty.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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