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Proteans are manifestations of chaos made flesh, natives of the Maelstrom that embody the primeval potency of entropy in their serpentine forms. They follow a loose, confusing, and ever-shifting caste system and form choruses based on malleable and evanescent shared philosophies.


Many proteans can use the forces of chaos to distort reality in their foes’ minds, creating mental ripples called warpwaves. When a creature fails its saving throw and is affected by a warpwave, roll 1d8 and consult the table below for the specific effect on that creature. Unless indicated otherwise, a warpwave effect lasts for 1d4 rounds, and a new warpwave effect negates any previous warpwave effect already affecting a creature.

d8 Warpwave Effect
1 Clumsy 2 (3 on a critical failure)
2 Confused and gains 4d6 temporary Hit Points
3 Dazzled (permanent on a critical failure)
4 Enfeebled 2 (3 on a critical failure)
5 Immobilized by filaments of energy
6 Quickened (Stride, Strike, or Step only)
7 Slowed 1
8 Stupefied 2 (3 on a critical failure)
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