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Lycanthrope (Werecreature)

Werecreatures transform into animals and animalhumanoid hybrids under the light of the full moon. The doomed fate of these shapechanging creatures derives from an ancient primal curse that they can, in turn, transmit through their own bites. The stat blocks in this section reflect werecreatures in their hybrid forms.

Creating Werecreatures

Werecreatures are complex monsters capable of shifting between three different forms and of inflicting their condition upon other humanoids.

Werecreature Abilities

The following abilities are shared among all werecreatures. A werecreature also gains several other abilities, as explained in the Bestiary, but additional rules for those abilities aren’t necessary unless you create your own werecreature.

Animal Empathy (divination, primal) A werecreature can communicate with animals of the same general kind.

Change Shape [one-action] (concentrate, polymorph, primal, transmutation) The werecreature changes into their humanoid, hybrid, or animal shape. Each shape has a specific, persistent appearance. A true werecreature’s natural form is their hybrid shape. In humanoid shape, the werecreature uses their original humanoid size, loses their jaws and claw Strikes, and gains a melee fist Strike that deals bludgeoning damage equal to the slashing damage dealt by their claw. In animal shape, their Speed and size change to that of the animal, they gain any special Strike effects of the animal that they didn’t already have (such as Grab), and they lose their weapon Strikes.

Curse of the Werecreature (curse, necromancy, primal) This curse affects only humanoids; Saving Throw Fortitude DC is the standard DC for the werecreature’s new level – 1. On each full moon, the cursed creature must succeed at another Fortitude save or turn into the same kind of werecreature until dawn. The creature is under the GM’s control and goes on a rampage for half the night before falling unconscious until dawn.

Moon Frenzy (polymorph, primal, transmutation) When a full moon appears in the night sky, the werecreature must enter hybrid form, can’t Change Shape thereafter, becomes one size larger, increases their reach by 5 feet, and increases the damage of their jaws Strike by 2. When the moon sets or the sun rises, the werecreature returns to humanoid form and is fatigued for 2d4 hours.


Many scholars refer to the curse of the werecreature as “lycanthropy,” but technically this is correct only when speaking of werewolves.

Nevertheless, the word has gained traction in certain circles, and as a result it’s not uncommon to hear the whispers of locals who fear lycanthropes even when a ravenous weretiger is the real threat. Naturally, the werecreatures themselves don’t take this ignorance lightly, and tend to see being equated with a werewolf as a great insult. Unless, of course, the werecreature is a werewolf!

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