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Creatures as powerful as linnorms tend to spawn stories of their own, accurate or not. Critical failure on a check to Recall Knowledge on linnorms might suggest that you can avoid a linnorm’s death curse by closing your eyes as you deliver the fatal blow, or that rubbing poison oak on yourself can ward off a linnorm’s attention.

Almost all linnorms lead solitary lives; they are too reprehensible for even their own kind to tolerate for any length of time. Most species do not even meet to reproduce; rather, female linnorms usually deposit a solitary egg in a remote location, which a wandering male linnorm then fertilizes and places in a nook suitable for incubation. Newborn linnorms range in size from that of adult crocodiles to full-grown bulls, and their growth is rapid. Even a juvenile linnorm is strong enough to wreak havoc on a small settlement— though most don’t dare to commit such audacious pillaging, for fear of evoking the anger of another, larger linnorm in the area.

The powerful, serpentine beings known as linnorms may be distantly related to the more well-known chromatic and metallic dragons, but their draconic physiologies are where any such similarities end. Whereas true dragons boast incredible intellectual capabilities and far-reaching plans, linnorms are driven only by their insatiable hunger and desire to inflict cruelty on others. Linnorms are exceptionally difficult to outwit due to their strong wills, and it’s not wise to try bargaining with them—when faced with one of these legendary beasts, one’s best option is flight, pure and simple. Failing that, a noble death is a viable back-up plan.

Extremely powerful linnorms dwell in remote parts of the world. One such creature is the legendary Father of All Linnorms, said to be the oldest and mightiest linnorm of them all. Fafnheir’s death curse causes anyone who would slay him to slowly erode away physically and mentally until they die, at which point the cursed victim’s body fuels Fafnheir’s resurrection.

Linnorms have a deep connection to the primordial home of the fey. While linnorms typically won’t think twice before devouring a gnome or other fey, they do have an unusual respect for wielders of powerful primal magic. The only way to cow a linnorm, according to common wisdom, is to remind it that there are forces of nature even stronger than itself.

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