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These intelligent plant creatures maintain complex societies in remote wildernesses and places of primal power. By working together, leshys help to defend powerful fey and druidic sites from interloping humanoids. They often have good relations with local fey and druidic orders but distrust most other humanoids.

A primal spell caster, often a druid, can create a leshy by binding a nature spirit to a carefully crafted body grown from specific vegetation. The details of these rites vary based on the type of leshy, but all are carefully guarded secrets and tend to take place in sacred areas associated with nature or primal magic, such as a druid circle or dryad grove.

Leshys are fairly egalitarian when interacting with their own kind. Most communities are meritocracies, rewarding leshys who defend their communities and help each other succeed, and they see working together as the best path to a successful future.

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