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A guthallath is an enormous construct created long ago by some unknown empire, probably as a war machine. Nearly 100 feet tall, this massive stone statue typically resembles a stalwart warrior wearing only a loincloth and skullcap. Few have seen the entire body of a guthallath, though; most of the time such a relic is buried up to its neck, covered in moss and stranded in some forgotten place. Yet, every so often, one of these harbingers of destruction reactivates in response to some unknown stimulus or rallying call, and when this happens, woe be unto any who stand in its way.

While the guthallath’s ancient enemies are gone, it is an engine of pure destruction, designed to rampage for weeks or even months. While not intelligent enough to enjoy or regret its acts, the guthallath cannot be reasoned with—it is unaffected by most magic, and is unpredictable in how it selects its targets (and creatures it spares).

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