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Gibbering Mouther

Amorphous blobs of yammering mouths and oozing, fleshy sludge, gibbering mouthers are among the strangest creatures found either aboveground or below. Perpetually ravenous, these aberrations are always seeking their next meals, ever eating but never sated. With a nominal intelligence, gibbering mouthers can understand and even speak Aklo, but they do so in an intelligible manner only rarely. Instead, their innumerable mouths constantly jabber and babble in a stream of sound that disrupts the thought patterns of other creatures in the area. Where, how, and why gibbering mouthers originated are questions without answers.

They share certain similarities with the much more powerful shoggoths, leading to theories that the two creatures share an origin; less charitable scholars have suggested that the gibbering mouther is instead a mortal’s attempt to create something akin to a shoggoth—though the question of why remains unanswered. Still others believe gibbering mouthers were sent to the world by the gods as a punishment for some forgotten but surely terrible transgression. Gibbering mouthers themselves have little to say on the matter—at least, not in any sort of sense. Scholars have wasted countless hours in attempts to make sense of gibbering mouthers’ noises—studies that put researchers into danger and give results that are contradictory and confusing at best.

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