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Deathless Acolyte

Deathless Acolyte

Deathless acolytes are an oddity among undead, neither willingly transformed nor, strictly speaking, transformed against their will. The creation of a deathless acolyte is an act of direct intervention by a deity, typically as a double-edged reward and curse granted to a faithful priest who failed in completing a divine mandate due to circumstances beyond their control.

Alignment match the acolyte’s deity

Aura replace the acolyte’s aura with an alternate one (see below) if it’s more appropriate

Chastise Heretic and Denounce Heretic apply to anyone who doesn’t follow the acolyte’s deity

Spells replace goblin pox and false life with spells from the acolyte’s deity’s spells

Domain Spells use the domain spells from one of the deity’s domains

Weapon replace the scythe with the deity’s favored weapon

Example Deity: Orcish God of War [CN]

The mortality rate of this god’s priests is exceptionally robust, as are the ranks of his deathless acolytes.

Aura field of bloodshed

Domain Spells athletic rush, enduring might (hierophant only)

Spells replace goblin pox with true strike and false life with enlarge

Weapon greatsword (1d12 slashing, versatile P)

Alternate Aura

Field of Bloodshed (abjuration, aura, divine) 20 feet (hierophant 40). All creatures within the aura gain a +2 status bonus to damage with weapon Strikes. Creatures within the aura who attempt to Cast a Spell that doesn’t deal damage must succeed at a DC 5 flat check or the spell fails, and the slot or Focus Point is wasted.

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