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Crawling Hand


Typically, crawling hands are formed when severed appendages are endowed with a crude sentience by evil necromantic energies that turn them into tireless killers. Yet crawling hands can also arise spontaneously, usually when a creature loses an appendage in a place rife with necromantic energy or with a connection to the Negative Energy Plane.

A popular tale among necromancers tells of an ancient wizard who trafficked in evil magic. During a summoning ritual gone wrong, the wizard’s hand became possessed and later strangled them while they slept. The hand dragged the corpse across the wizard’s rooms to their workbench, propped up a knife in a vise, and severed itself from the rest of the body. According to the story, the hand went on to commit several more murders and disappeared into the sewers of a major metropolis, never to be seen again. Some necromancers believe that this original crawling hand still creeps through the shadows of that city, killing as it pleases.

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