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Weird and paranoid creatures, cloakers resemble hideous, flying manta rays. Crafty and careful hunters, their motivations, their patterns of attack, and even their societies and history are often an inscrutable jumble of contradicting reports, confused rumors, and terrifying accounts.

Cloakers were originally created by the alghollthus, who bred them to spy on their thralls. Upon the fall of their empire, the alghollthus cast out their cloaker creations, who, in turn, fled to the lower reaches of the underworld. Amid the vaults and twisted corridors of their new home, their attitudes—particularly regarding their apprehension toward their former masters—changed dramatically. Suspicion became paranoia, egotism, sadism, and much worse. Now, most cloakers lead solitary lives, stalking the underworld for easy prey and delving deeper into internal horrors. Their paranoia is so great that they interact only rarely even with their own kind, encountering another cloaker only briefly to mate before flitting back to isolation.

But there are exceptions. Every so often, a charismatic cloaker priest can call together a dark cabal of these creatures and other underworld denizens to worship unspeakable ancient gods. These rare cloakers whip their acolytes and followers into a frenzy of dark rituals and heinous acts. While these cults are depraved and destructive, they rarely survive longer than their founder.

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